Adobe Shadow a great new tool for HTML5 app development on mobile

I have seen a lot of software come and go in the past 20+ years. And most of the time, while the innovation is interesting and fun, I haven’t seen anything that really made me think “this will really help me in my work,” but Shadow is the happy exception.

I only downloaded Shadow about an hour ago, and I’m already very impressed. I have connected my iPad, iPod touch, and Galaxy Tab to it and can see, immediately, how my pages, both on a local server and live on the web, look on those devices. I’m loving this product.

Adobe Shadow running on Mac and several mobile devices
Adobe Shadow running in Google Chrome with remote inspection on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Apple iPad, and Motorola Atrix

HTML5 is well suited for mobile and if you’ve seen the news from ZD Net, it is even faster on iOS than Android. And now you can test and fix problems so much faster than you ever could before.

Have fun testing your mobile pages, because it just got a lot easier. Go Get Adobe Shadow

I feel compelled to mention that I’m watching the Apple Liveblog on Engadget now. Which wouldn’t have a lot to do with this post except that I’m watching it on Shadow on my iPad. 🙂

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