Do you consider yourself a designer?

are you a designer?

When I first started working on the web, I did not consider myself a designer. I took programming classes and learned how to make web pages do things. I was less concerned with how they looked than with how they worked.

But as I got more involved in web development, I realized something.

Design matters.

This may not seem like a surprise to any designers reading this, but it was huge for me.

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Are You a Designer? Why or Why Not?

Do you consider yourself a designer? A developer? A website owner? Do you think design is important in your role?

These days I do consider myself a designer. I may not be as good at it as I want to be, but I can recognize what is wrong with my designs and work on improving them. I also know how to make things look better and more aesthetically pleasing. This benefits both me and my clients.

So, yes, I am a designer. And I work every day to become a better designer.


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