Are you interested in learning HTML5?

I am personally very interested in HTML5, but that’s just me. Lot’s of people think I’m a little crazy for focusing on a version of the language that is only really supported by IE 9 and the “other” browsers. After all, who really browses with Firefox and Safari (and don’t forget Chrome and Opera…)?

Well, I run on a Mac, so IE is difficult to run for me (I have it on my VM, but that’s another story). So I don’t really care about IE (Did I say that out loud?). I test with it, but otherwise, I avoid it.

But that’s not where my passion for HTML5 comes from. After all, I could use HTML4 and have great pages that work on Safari (and Firefox, etc.) without needing a new version of HTML.

No, my passion comes from my iPad. I love the fact that I can create an application in HTML5 that runs on my iPad as though it were a standalone application. There are even tools out there for me to convert my HTML5 applications into “real” applications for iOS. I’ve not tried them yet, but I will. Plus, along with the iPad, my HTML5 apps can run on the Xoom Android tablet and other Android phones as well.

What about you? Why are you interested in HTML5?

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