Teach Yourself HTML5 in 24 Hours—Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Here is the current draft of the table of contents for the book. Please let me know what you think.

  • Part 1: Building Web Pages and Applications with the Open Web Standard
  • Part 2: Introducing the Meat of HTML5
    • Hour 9: HTML5 Sectioning and Semantic Elements
    • Hour 10: Drawing with the HTML5 Canvas Element
    • Hour 11: Fonts and Typography in HTML5
    • Hour 12: Audio and Video in HTML5
    • Hour 13: HTML5 Forms
    • Hour 14: Editing Content with HTML5
    • Hour 15: Microformats
    • Hour 16: Drag and Drop
    • Hour 17: HTML5 Links
  • Part 3: HTML5 for Mobile and Web Applications
    • Hour 18: How to Design Applications for Mobile Devices
    • Hour 19: Why HTML5 for Mobile and Web Applications
    • Hour 20: Web Application APIs
    • Hour 21: Offline Web Applications
    • Hour 22: Web Storage
    • Hour 23: History API
    • Hour 24: GeoLocation is Perfect for Mobile Devices
  • Appendixes

3 thoughts on “Teach Yourself HTML5 in 24 Hours—Table of Contents

  1. I’m enjoying your book so far. I do hope you’ll be able to add more content here very soon though – things like code samples and solutions for the exercises. Also, I think the Watch Out! box on page 21 is missing a pair of parentheses in the statement. Thanks!

    1. Moving along. I realized today why no one was seeing the code samples, the navigation wasn’t showing them! 🙂 OOOPS!

      They are now live, and I’ll be converting the PDFs to HTML over the next few days.

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