Moving Code Samples to GitHub

Things are moving slowly, but they are moving. I have gotten the Bootstrap book code samples up on GitHub. So those of you who wanted to download them all at once, you now can. I’ll be adding the code from my other books to GitHub as soon as I can.

If you notice an error (and they do creep in!) please feel free to let me know by email, comment, or pull request.

Once I get the older books up on GitHub, I’ll start working on getting my latest book’s code up on GitHub. Of course, that book isn’t done writing itself, so one thing at a time.

New Freebies Available to Learn Web Design

It’s already 2016 and I’m hard at work on my latest project to help you learn Cool CSS. But while that book isn’t out yet, you can check out some of my work in the form of free chapters and free videos.

Free Responsive Web Design and Bootstrap Chapters

If you were wondering about mobile design, I have a free chapter from the book HTML5 and CSS3 Web Publishing in One Hour a Day full of tips and tricks for doing mobile design. Get it as a PDF here.

And if you’re interested in learning RWD you can learn the HTML you need to know in this free chapter from my book Teach Yourself Responsive Web Design.

You can get started quickly with Bootstrap with the free chapter: Build Your First Bootstrap Website with the Basic Template from my book Teach Yourself Bootstrap.

Free Videos

I also released a video course last year: Learning HTML and CSS LiveLessons, and there are two free videos available on InformIT to help you get started learning HTML and CSS.