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Free Video Tutorial: Do you want to add video backgrounds to your pages?

This Could Be Your Website

When I first started creating video backgrounds I was surprised to learn that making the video for the backgrounds was the hardest part. So as part of my new video series “Learn Responsive Web Design LiveLessons” I included a lesson on building video backgrounds. And it’s available for you to watch for free.

Video Backgrounds are a Fun and Easy Way to Enhance Your Designs

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If you answered yes to both these questions, then you’ll be thrilled to learn that my latest video series “Learning Responsive Web Design LiveLessons” will be out soon. This is a 12-lesson video series based on my book Sams Teach Yourself Responsive Web Design in 24 Hours.

I am currently working on the final edits and I hope to see it on the virtual shelves of within the next few weeks. This has been a fun project for me to work on as it combines my love of web design with my driving desire to help people make web pages as responsive and accessible as possible.

What “Learning Responsive Web Design” will teach you

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