What is the most important web hosting feature?

When I was working on Monday’s article I was planning on writing about the web hosting features I thought were the most important to look for in web hosting. But really, price is the one that we all care about, and the article wanted to be about that, so…

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other web hosting features you should consider. Things like:

  • Space – a lot of web hosting providers offer unlimited space, but some don’t.
  • Bandwidth – like space, many web hosts offer unlimited bandwidth, but some don’t.
  • Support – I like sites that have good support, even if I rarely use it.
    • Email support – my preferred method
    • Followed by chat
    • And finally phone support
  • Up-time – I find up-time promises to be a little silly, as most of the time hosts are either up reliably or they are not.
  • Software and services – Personally, I use a VPN and control the software that’s installed on the server myself. But if you aren’t a huge tech geek like me, it can be nice to have a service that offers decent software packages already included.
  • What else?

What web hosting features do you find valuable? Participate in the poll and post your comments below.

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