New HTML5 Global Attributes

Contenteditable Attribute

This paragraph cannot be edited, if you want to edit it, you will have to talk to the management.

This paragraph can be edited (in an HTML5 compliant browser, that is). Go ahead and change whatever you would like.

Spellcheck Attribute

This paragraph does not have spellcheck turned on. What if I spelll somethinggg wronggg?

This paragraph has spellcheck turned on. If I spelll somethinggg wronggg here, what happens? As you can see, it responds the same to incorrect spellings as with spellcheck turned off. This is because the reader can't do anything about it. But if I turn on contenteditable…

And this paragraph has spellcheck and contenteditable turned on. What happens then? As you can seeeee, spellinggg errors are highlighted when the content is edited, because they can be fixed by the reader.

Hidden Attribute

Now it is easy to turn off elements on your page, by just adding the hidden attribute. There are two paragraphs below this one in this section. But you should only see one of them.

This paragraph is not hidden and should display on the page.


The draggable attribute needs to be added to any element on your page that you plan on including in a drag-and-drop operation. This paragraph is not draggable. If you try to click on it, the most that will happen is the text will be highlighted.

This text is draggable. Since I don't have any scripts to tell the browser what to do with a draggable item, the most that should happen is a drag icon appears, but you probably won't be able to highlight the text either.