What is your favorite color?


I find that web design is often about the colors that make up the site. But sites are not always made with the designer’s favorite colors. For example, many of the sites I’ve built have blue or red as their base colors. While I like red better than blue, neither is my favorite color.

Instead, I love the color purple. My son will tell you that purple is my favorite color. But purple is not my only favorite color.

I also love dark greens, especially the vivid deep greens of a coniferous forest.

Do you design sites based solely on the color or colors of the theme? Or do you only design sites using your favorite colors?

Share your favorite colors, up to three. If your favorite isn’t listed, why not share in the comments?

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One thought on “What is your favorite color?

  1. My favorite colors are orange, like a vibrant sunset, and green, like British racing, or a forest of pine. Thank you for asking. Nobody asks.

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