What is your favorite design ingredient?

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Hi My name is Jennifer and I am addicted to fonts.

I regularly have to delete fonts from my computer because I have so many that it fills up my hard drive and slows the computer itself. And I know I’m not the only one with this addiction as I have friends and relatives who send me links to cool fonts they’ve found or show me interesting artwork they’ve created using the latest swoosh or dingbat. I’m even in the process of creating my own font from my Dad’s handwriting. I’ve got a basic version of it already created, but there are still some issues.

How are you doing, JennBenn?
Still some issues with the font, but it’s my Dad’s handwriting.

I love fonts. I have created website designs based on a font. I have made books because I found a font so appealing I had to use it in something. Fonts are my design addiction.

But there are so many different aspects of design that can be addicting. I have friends who are addicted to color. I had a friend who had a list of color names that she would add to whenever she learned of another color. She could distinguish colors that I would swear had no difference at all–and she’d be right. I have another friend who is addicted to patterns. She creates patterns all the time and they are very creative. In fact, she’s developed an entire business centered around her patterns.

What design ingredients do you like to use the best? Are there any you hate using?

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Why Do You Like That Ingredient?

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