Friday Favorites: 1/29/2016

Friday Favorites

Most Interesting Article I Read This Week

Tips for Designers Who Don’t Code┬áby SpeckyBoy.

screen shot - from SpeckyBoy
Not a lecture, just good advice

This is not a lecture article. The advice in this article is really good. For example, everything in your design should start with the content. And this means your mockups, not just the final design. How will your beautiful layout look if the title is more than three words long? What if the ads in the sidebar extend below the length of the main content–will you be okay with a big blank spot in the middle of your design? What if the people choosing the images don’t choose image in the correct aspect ratio–will your landscape-focused design look good with portrait images? or square? What if they attempt to crop the offending image, and it’s even worse than if they’d just left it alone?

Design is great, but when it meets the real world it can be challenging, and if you don’t code it can just be frustrating. But this article might help at least a little.

Quote of the Week

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

— Steve Jobs

This is something to bear in mind whether you code or you don’t code. If your web page or application doesn’t work for the audience it’s targeting then it’s poorly designed, no matter how pretty it might be.

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