Friday Favorites 2/12/2016 – Typography Edition

Friday Favorites

This week I’ve been doing a lot of writing about typography. Which has resulted in my looking at a lot of websites and articles about typography. I have known that CSS supported OpenType font features for a while, but I hadn’t really tested it much, until now. Check out this image:

custom ligatures in opentype fonts
An example of how CSS supports font-features. View it for yourself

It is nice text with fancy typesetting, but since it’s in an image it’s not that exciting, right? But check out the site live in your browser. Unless you’re using a very old browser, you should see the image I display above. Bu then highlight the text. It’s selectable! It’s just text! Search engine robots can read it, Assistive technology can read it without alt-text. This is so exciting!

I found this on the Font Deck blog from four years ago. Yes, that’s how long CSS has had the ability to do this. Why aren’t more sites using it? Typography can be beautiful.

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