Friday Favorites 2/19/2016 – late start

Friday Favorites - Sleepy Cat

Okay, so Friday, Sunday… last week was pretty wacky for me. And I have nothing to show for it. 🙂 In other words, in my weekly review with my manager (me…) I had to say that while I did a lot of work last week, I can’t really show anything as completed. One client I had was having huge website issues that needed to be solved by their host. And their host wants them to either “optimize” their site (but they don’t say what they mean by that) or upgrade to a more expensive plan. Another client I just completely failed by getting confused by email and thinking that I had until Thursday when they needed it completed by Wednesday. I was working on the site on Wednesday when he called to ask what the status was. I replied confidently, “I’ll definitely be done on time.” Thinking “I should be done in about 2 hours! Phew! 20 hours ahead of time!” And he replies “Great, I’ll tell the team you’ll be done in 30 minutes!” “Wait, What?”

I also planned a follow-up article to Monday’s article on Five Key Design Ingredients to post first on Tuesday, then Wednesday and now I might get it done by tomorrow, or maybe Tuesday. sigh And as you saw, nothing got posted this week other than Monday’s article. Oh well, back to the calendar!

Link of the Week: CanIUse

Can I Use
CanIUse is a very useful site for web designers

My link of the week this week is a site I use all the time–CanIUse. This site lets me look up lots of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript features and see what the current support is for various browsers. Now, mind you, this is not a substitute for actually testing in the browsers as in my experience a feature might be supported by the browser by not being ignored, but actually do nothing (font-stretch , I’m talking to you!). But it’s a great place to start. I use this site all the time and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Thought of the Week: Is It Bad that HTML5 is No Longer Ahead of Its Time?

I saw this article last week on TechCrunch HTML5 On The Rise: No Longer Ahead Of Its Time. It seems sad but true. HTML5 is now really mainstream. And while I’m a little nostalgic for the days when it was the cool new technology, the fact is that it really is cool that it’s mainstream. It’s way less common to see people balking at the idea of using a simple doctype like <!doctype html>  (which always blew my mind that people didn’t like that. I mean, a doctype that’s easy to remember? What’s controversial about that?). And HTML5 video is pretty much the standard these days. It’s awesome.

h/t @JasperEavu

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