Friday Favorites and Features: 1/22/2016

Friday Favorites

Two New Articles Featured

This week two of my articles on web design were featured on InformIT:

I hope they are useful to you.

Most Interesting Article I Read This Week

Learn to Code HTML and CSS Website
Learn to Code HTML and CSS in 12 Lessons online.

Shae Howe’s book Learn to Code HTML and CSS (Buy on is a really nice looking introductory book on HTML and CSS. And he’s also got a free online course you can take to learn HTML and CSS that is just as beautiful. Learn to Code HTML and CSS in 12 lessons.

Product or Service I’m Considering

Firefox Developers Edition
A browser specifically for developers

This Monday I was recording some videos on Firebug, and so I had to open Firefox to install it. I haven’t used Firefox in a long time because Chrome has been working well for me. But it seems like Firefox is going to suck me back in. I learned of a new Firefox fork called the Firefox Developers Edition. This is an interesting version of Firefox that puts tools useful to developers front and center.

h/t Noupe

Quote of the Week

The enemy of art is the absence of limitations.
–Orson Welles

So the next time you find yourself complaining about the drawbacks to a certain browser or how annoying it is to have to design for tiny screens consider that without those limitations you can’t create art. And creating something beautiful, something that is art, is a noble goal for any website.

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