HTML5 Cheat Sheet

HTML5 Cheat Sheet

I builtĀ an HTML5 cheat sheet for myself, so that I could make sure that my tag libraries were up-to-date and so on. And then when I finished, I realized that this might be something you would like too.

It is a PDF file listing all the HTML5 elements, what they are and whether they are new, changed, the same as HTML 4 or gone from the specification (and what you should use instead). I hope you like it!

HTML5 Cheat Sheet PDF

5 thoughts on “HTML5 Cheat Sheet

  1. Awesome list! Thanks! One minor gripe, though: The section “Tags not in HTML5” is hard to read due to the dark gray background.

  2. Thanks for the cheatSheet, but I have a few comments.

    1. Although it’s a “pdf”, it’s not a searchable pdf as it’s an image and not a true pdf. Not so much an issue because it’s alpha and only one page, but still it could have been…

    2. The resolution is also not optimum and when magnified for high-resolution monitors, it pixilates. A true pdf would also solve this issue.

    3. There is no sample code for each tag, which would make this truly a great cheat sheet.



  3. Thank you very much for this cheat sheet !
    It had been very helpful to me and my friends !
    Its my humble request to you to provide one more thing, We want sample codes for each and every tag.
    Hope you will help us !

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