I’m working on a book proposal, and I need your help

Sass or RWD?

I am working on a book proposal for my next book, but I need your help. I can’t decide what I want to write about. I’m considering:

  • Responsive web design – where I would explain what it is, how to do it, tools that can help, and problems with the design
    This would be a book for advanced beginners and intermediate web designers who know HTML and some CSS but want to get more familiar with media queries and responsive design.
  • SASS – where I would explain how you can turn your CSS into something dynamic and exciting using SASS
    SASS is a CSS extension and this book would be for people who are already familiar with CSS and want to create more dynamic and interesting sites using SASS.

What do you think I should write my next book about? If you’d rather I write about something else, please let me know in the comments.

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