Updates from Adobe – a Fun New Adobe App

Adobe released a number of new apps and features today at the MAX convention. There are some new features in Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, and Premiere Pro CC. But the ones I found most interesting were the changes to Muse CC, Dreamweaver CC, and the new free Apps for iOS.

Muse CC

Muse finally has secure FTP support which I find very important. In fact some of the servers I work on don’t allow any connection other than secure FTP – which meant until now I couldn’t use Muse for them.
It also now has Find and Replace. This is a critical feature for web editors as when you’re working on a large site it can be difficult to know you’ve found all the instances you need to change if you have to do it by hand. For one site I worked on, we had to provide discounts to customers because one page listed the price from the previous year, and we didn’t catch it when we updated the site with the new price.
Another great new feature of Muse CC is the SVG import. Now you can create your images as vector graphics and import them directly into your web page. This is great for doing prototyping in Illustrator and then moving directly to the website. SVG images give you so many options beyond the standard web images.

Dreamweaver CC

Dreamweaver CC doesn’t have a lot of updates this time, but there are a few that are interesting. It has 64-bit support, plus they updated Live View. You can now edit while in Live View – which is a huge improvement. I hardly ever leave Live View now. I love that you can drag and drop images into Live View—so much easier to do! There are also a bunch of new starter templates you can use to create different kinds of pages including Responsive Web Designs.

Mobile Apps

But beyond Dreamweaver and Muse, Adobe now offers a bunch of mobile apps that all connect with your Creative Cloud account to allow you access to your creations from any device. There are three new apps in this release:

  • Adobe Premiere Clip
  • Brush CC
  • Shape CC

The one I’m most interested in is Brush CC.

Brush CC

Brush is a new app that will help you create your own custom brushes right on your iPad or iPhone. You start by creating a line or shape or whatever you want as a brush. Then you can modify it so that it displays exactly as you want it to. You can adjust things like:

  • display as a ribbon, or just a scattering of marks
  • color or black and white
  • have it repeat linearly, mirrored, or stretch to fit the space
  • crop it to make it a seamless brush or your own dotted line
  • add transparency
  • have the ends fade in and out or taper

My first simple brushThere are endless ways to create your brushes.

Then, once you’ve created your brush, you can save it to your Creative Cloud library and use it in Photoshop CC and other connected applications. I can see myself spending a lot of time in this app.

Download Brush CC from iTunes

Shape CC

my brushes and shapesThis is another new app that looks like it could be a lot of fun. However in my first attempt at using it, I found it fairly difficult. There is no image stabilization, so I found it difficult to focus on just the item I wanted. It also took me a while to figure out how to edit my shapes, and when the vectors were too connected, it was difficult to get just the lines I wanted and none that I didn’t. However, I then imported my shape into Illustrator without an issue.

There are no pre-defined shapes in Shape CC but it is reasonably easy to use other than the above concerns, I created two new shapes very quickly.

Download Shape CC from iTunes