HTML5 Cheat Sheet

I built an HTML5 cheat sheet for myself, so that I could make sure that my tag libraries were up-to-date and so on. And then when I finished, I realized that this might be something you would like too.

It is a PDF file listing all the HTML5 elements, what they are and whether they are new, changed, the same as HTML 4 or gone from the specification (and what you should use instead). I hope you like it!

HTML5 Cheat Sheet PDF

Drag and Drop upload–the final step

Many tutorials on drag and drop with HTML5 do everything but e actual upload step. This is because that step requires server interaction and scripting–you can’t just use JavaScript. But the HTML5 Doctors have a way to use XHR2 (xmlHttpRequest) to get the upload done too! Drag and Drop and Automatically Send to Server

Do you want to solve an HTML5 puzzle?

HTML5 Drag and Drop PuzzleI’ve been working on HTML5 drag and drop this week, and I’ve created a simple puzzle that you can play with in any HTML5 browser:
HTML5 Drag and Drop Puzzle

Yes, it’s a pretty easy puzzle, but I do like this photo of my dogs. And it shows you how you can implement HTML5 drag and drop. The full instructions will be in Hour 16 of the book

The start of a simple online HTML editor with HTML5

I’ve been playing with contenteditable all day today, and let me tell you it’s been fun.

I now have the workings of a simple HTML editor using contenteditable. Just type in your text in the left side, format it with the buttons and see the HTML on the right.

This editor is still in progress, but I was pleased by how its coming along, so I thought I’d share it with you.

If you’re wondering, this editor will be included in Hour 14 of the book.