Blink and you missed it. TIME element back in the HTML5 spec

After a large uproar by designers and developers last week when they removed the HTML5 TIME element, the W3C recanted and put it back in the spec. So you don’t have to replace TIME with DATA, but you can if you want to.

This corrects last week’s errata post. The book still contains the TIME element, but does not contain the DATA element.

What’s really great is that this shows that the W3C is listening to us. So if there is some other problem with the HTML5 spec, don’t be shy—let them know. If enough agree, your change may happen!

HTML5 last call now has a date

According to IT Pro, the W3C has set a deadline of May 24, 2011 for the last issues to be delivered about the HTML5 specification.

This is exciting news for the standard, as it means that browser makers will start building to it in earnest, web designers can be more confident that the sites they build won’t need hacks, and HTML5 will grow in popularity and importance.