Laugh of the Day: Prime Ranking in SERP, but No Content

Getting high ranking on search engines is usually pretty hard. But if you have invented something new or have a revolutionary product or service, your website might rank well for those search terms just because you’re the only one doing it. This is a really good thing. After all, if you’re the first, it is nice to be recognized for that. But be careful, as if you’re not ready, this can end up as bad SEO, not good.

If you’re not ready for recognition, prime placement can end up backfiring.

Today, I was thinking how nice it would be if the Apple Watch or other smart watches didn’t have to be worn on your wrist. My husband joked “an Apple Pocket Watch” and I thought “what about a necklace?”

So I did a search on Bing for Apple Watch Necklace. I was surprised and excited to see a listing (after all the ads for the Apple Watch, a Samsung smart watch, and plain watches) titled “Apple Watch Pendants | The Premier Site For Apple Watch …” I didn’t read any further, I just clicked through.

At first glance, it looked pretty good. No pictures, but a nice clean template with the headline “The #1 Most Trusted Apple Watch Pendant Store.” I scrolled quickly to see if there were any pictures, and didn’ see any so I started to read:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. In in risus eget lectus suscipit malesuada. Maecenas ut urna mollis, aliquam eros at, laoreet metus.

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I thought “Number one? Yeah, because they got the domain name!” I don’t think that’s what the site owners wanted me to think. Sure, the domain name helped their search engine optimization, but having no content is just bad SEO. But since all they have put up so far is a template and some placeholder text I’m not going to stick around long enough to do anything other than laugh. Instead of being impressed by their cool idea or new concept I was reduced to tears laughing at their complete fail of a website. (See the screen shot of the entire page.)

If It’s Live—It’s Live

It’s easy to forget that if you build a web page and put it live on the Web that people other than yourself and your company may see it. But you should consider that a rule of thumb. If a page is live on the Web, anyone can see it. And if anyone can see it, search engines can see it. And if search engines can see it, they will rank it in their results. And once you’re in their results people can find you.

And if people find your page and then can only read “lorem ipsum…” they won’t be impressed. Not even if you have ebullient phrases adorning the page like “#1 most trusted” and “Holiday Sale.”

In fact, by rushing your website out the door without all the content you need, you risk alienating some customers. I don’t recognize the company Divi, but I will remember them in the future. I don’t know if I would be willing to buy a pendant holder from them. And that’s too bad. As they might actually be a really great company for this type of accessory. I’ll never know now.

Apple Watch Pendants Do Exist

There was a Kickstarter campaign that ended on September 5, 2015, to create both a pocket watch and pendant style holder for the Apple Watch. You can pre-order them from the Bucardo website and they will start shipping in January 2016. Too late for a birthday present for me for this year, but maybe next year! Of course, first I’d need to get an Apple Watch.

Security Through Obscurity is Not Secure It’s Just Bad SEO

The moral of this story is that you shouldn’t assume that a page you haven’t promoted won’t be seen. Security through obscurity is really just wishful thinking. If your content isn’t ready, then don’t put up a page.

High ranking site with placeholder text - Bad SEO
Full website – it’s not ready for prime time (click to view full size)