Picking the Right Video Player for Your HTML5 Video

HTML5 Video Player Chart - screen shot from Praegnanz.de
HTML5 Video Player Chart
Unfortunately, while HTML5 brings us a much easier way to embed videos into your web pages, but because of many factors, it still(!) isn’t possible to just drag your video into the video tag and then slap it up on the web. By using a player you can get your HTML5 video up and running quickly.

But which player should you choose?

Philip Bräunlich has you covered! He’s created a chart of (currently) 20 different HTML5 video players, along with details like: what license they are released under, if they have a Flash fallback for non-HTML5 compliant browsers (darn you IE8!), and other features. I especially like that he evaluates how easy or hard they are to implement (for example, OSM Player is “hell no” not easy to integrate).

Right now, none of the players support every feature he’s evaluating, but it certainly is a lot easier to use these players with the features you need or want than it is to roll your own.

What’s your favorite HTML5 video player? Let us know in the comments!