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Teach Yourself HTML5 Zeen - Issue #2
Teach Yourself HTML5 Zeen – Issue #2

I’ve posted the second issue of my HTML5 Zeen today. There are a few things that are wonky with the issue, most notably that Zeen says it’s “Issue #3” when it’s #2. But whatever.

In this issue I show you some ways to get started with HTML5 if you haven’t already. Including the cover image which shows you the basics for what you need to write to create an HTML5 document.

Writing HTML5 is Really Easy

All it takes is a DOCYTPE:

<!doctype html>

And you’ve got an HTML5 document. One thing that most people forget is that HTML5 is not a new language. It’s evolved from HTML 4.01 and HTML 3.2 and all the versions before. So if you’re writing HTML 4.01 today, you can start writing HTML5 by just changing one line of your HTML. Don’t worry about changing anything else.

The Zeen issue goes into more detail about dealing with older browsers like IE8 and using editors like Dreamweaver to write your HTML5, but at the end of the day, just putting up the new doctype is all it takes. Poof! You are using the most up-to-date specification. That didn’t hurt a bit!