Who is this Book for?

I’ve been working on editing the proof copies of the book for the last several weeks and one thing that keeps popping to mind is the audience. I wrote the book intending it for a beginner audience, but I should clarify this. When I say that it’s for beginners, I mean beginners to mobile and web application development, not beginners to HTML.

I wrote the book to teach people who already have some knowledge of HTML and web development how to use HTML5 to create mobile web applications. The book is not intended to teach someone who has never built a web page before how to write HTML. There are lots of books available that you can use to learn HTML. These are some of my favorites:

I hope that designers and developers interested in learning how to build mobile web applications will find my book useful. And if you’re still learning HTML, there’s always my site on About.com to help you get started. I have tons of resources there to help beginners learn HTML and web design.

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